10 thoughts on “The friend prayer

  1. hi Havau! Is there anything bothering you from your friends? I hope you are okay.You can find friendship with Jesus. Stay blesses and Jesus loves you.


    • No my dear friend I do not have a problem with my friends or my enemies I just thought I had a little twist to this type of Prayer to me they’re all one in the same what is your address too many out there that keep their guard down when it comes to Friendship was it not a friend who betrayed Jesus my spiritual awareness is okay and so is my spiritual insight and my will and understanding work as one my will is just as stronger as my understanding Jesus said hate the sin not the sinner take care and God bless


    • No I wasn’t asking about the email I just made a technical mistake in the typing but anyways as long as prayer is concerned prayer comes from truth inside of you and you are continuously at prayer when you live according to that truth amen God bless


    • Thanks and May God bless you too. If you have something to share about my blog in prayer, please let me know or a topic you wanted me to cover.

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    • great I will keep in touch with you I will search some of my previous articles concerning prayer and if you have some time maybe you could look under the tag prayer there’s a lot of things concerning prayer which you will find very rational informative and thought-provoking God bless


    • Thanks! I will do my best to read it. Yeah, you are right, there are a lot of methods to pray and I just offer just two or three which I personally do. I cannot share the others as I was not able to practice or do them yet. As long as someone would be encouraged to pray to stop addiction through prayer. I will write my own journey. Stay blessed.

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    • Like Jesus said first seek the kingdom of God and then all these other things will be given unto you When you pray the Lord’s Prayer that’s the ultimate prayer everything else will fall in place external prayer does not work it must be internal

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