Spiritual awareness and insight


There is a curious passage in Holy Scripture (Rev. 2:11) that states, “He that overcometh shall not be hurt by the second death.”

Are we to suffer two deaths? Isn’t one enough?

We all worry about our physical death, so why does the Bible say that it is another death that we are to be more concerned about?

Actually our common language shows an intuitive acknowledgement that we can indeed experience two kinds of death.

We can also die internally if some idea or passion we cling to is proven wrong. In that case we see ourselves as “goners” even though our physical bodies may be quite healthy.

The Bible merely acknowledges that we have both a physical or outer life and a deeper inner life and that our inner lives are the most important. Unfortunately our inner lives often carry negative baggage, which must be removed so that new life can take root. When individuals say they are “reborn,” they are referring to the fact that something old has died within them and that something more important and vital has grown out of this “death.” A new inner life is the key to enjoying eternal happiness.

It is this same other death that Adam and Eve were warned about when they ate the Forbidden Fruit (swallowing whole a deluded worldview). Although they remained physically alive after that event (and thought they had dodged a bullet) something much deeper inside them was killed off.

If one doesn’t become more spiritual (overcome one’s inner flaws) this second death will be eternally hurtful because nothing noble has replaced it.

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