The Lord is Salvation Itself

The Lord is Salvation Itself

Luke 2:30: Simeon says of Jesus: “For my eyes have seen Your salvation.” Luke 3:6: “And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.”

John 10:9: “I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.”

John 11:25: “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.” “

John 12:12-13: “12 The next day a great multitude that had come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, 13 took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Him, and cried out: ” Hosanna ! ‘ Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD ! The King of Israel ! ” “

John 12:50: “And I know that His command is everlasting life. Therefore, whatever I speak, just as the Father has told Me, so I speak.”

Compare I John 5:20 quoted in TCR 3

The name “Jesus” is a cognate of “the Lord Saves”

From The Writings – The Lord is Salvation Itself

TCR 150. Those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are to receive those spiritual benefits, because He Himself is salvation and everlasting life. He is salvation, because He is the Savior, for this is the meaning of His name Jesus; He is everlasting life, because those in whom He is, and who are in Him, have everlasting life. This is why He is called everlasting life in 1 John 5:20. Now since He is salvation and everlasting life, it follows that He is also every means which leads to salvation and everlasting life. Thus He is the whole of reformation, regeneration, renewal, quickening, sanctification and justification, cleansing from evils, and finally salvation. In the case of every single person the Lord confers these benefits, or rather, He attempts to impart them; and when a person makes himself ready and suitable to receive them, He does impart them. The activity of readying and making oneself suitable comes from the Lord too, but if the person does not receive them with spontaneity of spirit, then the Lord cannot go beyond the attempt to introduce them, and this attempt is constantly kept up.

AE 460 [2] “Salvation unto Him,” signifies that salvation is from Him, since He is salvation; for everything of salvation and of eternal life is from the Lord and is with man and angel; for all the good of love and all the truth of faith with man are the Lord’s with him, and not the man’s; for it is the Divine proceeding, which is the Lord in heaven with the angels and in the church with men, and from the good of love and the truth of faith come salvation and eternal life; so when it is said that salvation is the Lord’s, and that the Lord Himself is salvation, it is clear how this is to be understood

AR 804. Salvation, and glory, and honor, and power, unto the Lord our God, signifies that now there is salvation from the Lord, because now there is a reception of Divine truth and Divine good from His Divine power.

From the Writings – Salvation comes from the Lord alone: critical for a person to believe when struggling in temptation

AC 8172 It is said here that they should faithfully believe that salvation comes from the Lord alone and not at all from themselves, because this is the chief thing to be believed in temptations. The person who believes when he is tempted that he has strength of his own with which he can offer resistance goes under. The reason for this is that he is subject to a falsity that leads him to ascribe merit to himself; and in doing this he claims that he himself accomplishes his salvation, in which case he shuts out influx from the Divine. But the person who believes that the Lord alone offers resistance in temptations is victorious, for he is guided by the truth and ascribes merit to the Lord; and he perceives that his salvation is accomplished by the Lord alone. A person whose faith is bonded to charity ascribes salvation wholly to the Lord and not at all to himself.