All husbands become fashion designers for their wives in heaven


All husbands become fashion designers for their wives in heaven

With the recent Oscar Awards and the “Red Carpet” walk in Hollywood by various celebrities and stars I thought I might add a spiritual twist to the focus on fashion and glamour.

When one becomes a spiritual citizen in the world beyond this one, clothes and fashion take on a whole new quality and meaning.

According to scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, who claimed to have been gifted by the Lord God with the ability to enjoy three decades of observing the activities of angels, he made remarkable and challenging statements about the clothes they wear.

In heaven, one’s clothing and fashion are tailored around specific and general affections for God’s various teachings and truths. Heaven is outside of space and time so that earthly materials and fabrics cannot be used to make angelic fashion statements. “Truth” clothes the quality of one’s spiritual qualities. Truth gives quality (form) to and “dresses” the qualities of the heart in the spiritual realm.

With angelic wives in particular, it is the love of their husband’s grasp of these divine teachings that forms the patterns, textures and various styles of their heavenly wardrobe. Swedenborg observed that in the spiritual world, wives had a much deeper level of love and intimacy with their husbands. In fact, angelic wives were the love of their husband’s spiritual wisdom. This kind of inner relationship allows wives to become eternally and intimately involved in their husband’s spiritual realities.

Angelic wives were therefore adorned by their husband’s level of wisdom—which was directed towards them. If a husband had learned or perceived some new truth and understanding from the God of heaven, the wife would immediately enjoy the benefit of gaining a more beautiful alteration and dress.

This heavenly dynamic included undergarments as well.

Undergarments represent the more intimate expressions of a wife’s quality of love—which is why the deeper understanding of truths by their husbands become represented by more frilly, lacy and delicate patterns, consisting of finer fabric.

God designed the genders to promote this kind of profound spiritual relationship and increased closeness.

In God’s heavenly kingdom, fashion statements represent the quality of faith, love, usefulness and worship in a married couple’s evolving life.

This heavenly intimacy and divine design is not being helped by today’s social trends or the worship of celebrity. You will actually wear your values in the next world!

The god guy.

Spiritual Fashion Trends

heart-sleeveAre there fashion shows in the Spiritual World?


But the latest clothing and fashions at such heavenly shows represent the most desirable and sought-after inner qualities of one’s heart and mind.

In other words, all clothes in the other world reflect the beliefs that one adorns their lives with. So spiritual fashion trends (truth trends) would put on display the newest and best-fitting heavenly lessons—tailored exactly to our needs. (These lessons and teachings of God’s Spiritual Truths are those that will best complement the evolution of one’s inner life.)

And, as one becomes more and more receptive to God’s teachings, the more beautiful one’s spiritual wardrobe and fashions in the next world will get.

In the spiritual world, we not only will wear our hearts on our sleeves, we will also wear our hearts (and deepest beliefs) in every stitch and in everything we dress up in. The fabric will always represent the fabric of our very being!

So fashion statements are much more profound and deeply personal in the spiritual realm than they are here on earth.

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