Spiritual awareness and insight


Deep walking


The mind walks just like our feet do. Both kinds of walking include destinations. However, physical walking gets us to a physical place, while mind walking takes us to a different place where our deepest values and beliefs reside. This kind of walking represents the source of our life choices.

When an instructor tells us, “I will walk you through it,” he or she is acknowledging that the mind can be escorted—just like the body.

While most people understand this expression, most people don’t give it much extra thought. Mind walking is done with our spiritual feet. People’s hearts, minds and spirits move in the direction they have decided on and prefer.

When we leave our physical bodies (after death) we continue to walk towards some destination that is relatable to our worldview and belief system (otherwise we would nor recognize the one path that is our own in a world beyond the spacetime arena). We inwardly seek that which we most love and embrace.

In the spiritual realm, individuals take the paths they most identify with. This kind of deep walking assures that everyone gets to the “place” that is most suitable to their own inner realities.

I find this dynamic logical, but worrisome. This is why the essence of religion is to help us make the best decisions when it comes to finding the path to eternal happiness. We each need to sincerely explore our inner trajectories to make sure we are not headed in a bad direction.

Love is the ultimate science

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