Everybody loves the smell of their own farts

fart cloud

While most people will find the above phrase “crude” they will also secretly acknowledge it as a statement of profound cosmic truth!

The phrase is on my list of great and wise sayings.

Not only because the phrase is true, but also because it represents profound spiritual truth (if we elevate our minds)!

We all have a “stinky” or flawed side to us. But ironically, we are much more repulsed by the flaws of others over our own.

Same, with all our farts. We are much less concerned when we ourselves pass wind.

On the terrestrial and worldly plane, farts are gases released from the activity of our intestines. The intestines’ work is to absorb materials to sustain the physical body and jettison those materials deemed not suitable for one’s organic wellbeing and maintenance. Farting is a part of this vital organic process.

On a deeper, spiritual level this organic process symbolizes the rejection of various emotions, thoughts and beliefs, which our soul deems unacceptable to our proper behavior.

But the soul is compelled to operate under our personal “likes” and “dislikes.” We each put our own personal touch on this chemical and gaseous process.

Spiritually speaking, the sense of smell symbolizes the perception of moral order and ultimately the pleasantness of heavenly goodness and truth. Stinky or foul odors represent the perception of foul (and spiritually hurtful) qualities. We can become accustomed to being partial to both because we can embrace and relate to our own hurtful worldviews as well as our good ones.

The reason why each of us is less repulsed by our own farts is because we relate to our own particular stink and downsides (from our own life-choices). So, other peoples’ farts gross us out far more than our own. Their odor is more foreign and unfamiliar to us. This is a cosmic truth, which cannot be denied by anyone with a working nose. We all approach life differently, and make different life-choices. (This is mirrored in all our organic operations.) What we each internally procure and process in life is different as well, and gives off its own unique odor.

This “vulgar discharge” is like a spiritual fingerprint of our shady side.

What we fail to notice is that we can stink on several distinct levels—physical, mental and spiritual. Do angels hold their noses at your choices and activities?


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