12 thoughts on “Anne Murray put your hand in the hand

  1. In an obvious covfefe moment, my thigh operated the phone in my pocket and posted an unintelligible string of characters.

    Well apparently, someone named “Math Is Christian” is not going to get a lot of charity in that situation, and havau22 writes, “Whatever this nonsense means you have nothing rational to say don’t bother.”

    Now looking at the OP, maybe I misjudged your harsh response. If so, I’m sorry. Maybe you agree with me that the only possibility of rationality for humans is to hold to the Word of the Infinite, Personal, All-Knowing, All-Controlling, Self-Sufficient, Self-revelatory God.


    • Okay no problem if that’s the case I didn’t hear this earlier but if it’s one of those mistakes by accident so be it leave it alone I can’t wish you nothing but the best of the best and nothing less God bless so let’s leave it at that we’re all Brothers and Sisters in Christ regardless we may get frustrated or annoyed which our lord Jesus got a x but I wasn’t done to hatred it was done through disappointment and people’s attitude in regards to the money changers in the temple the sellers and the buyers


    • It wasn’t harsh it was just a response to something that looked like a blah blah blah but if you have a reason for it so be it don’t worry about it


    • I wasn’t trying to say anything, but now that you mention it, you have staked a claim to rationality (and I have reason to say that); can you back it up?
      That is quite a claim–that I have nothing rational to say–and it’s false.
      What is your account for the rationality you have implied you have?


    • Well you just posted that’s not rational to me how am I supposed to know what that means I’m not judging anybody I’m just assuming and implying that that could be what you it means got nothing rational husband said in regards to your text


    • What you text wasn’t informative so it doesn’t sound rational to me in regards to what I posted I don’t see the need for what was posted on your behalf


    • It’s not quite a claim in regards to what you text me it has no Direction what you text and how am I supposed to understand that does it sound rational to you what you text


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