3 thoughts on “If love is not a game why is there so many players come and join me on social media Facebook I will also stay posted here once in awhile love you all Domenic Garisto take care and God bless

  1. The great irony…the more friends people have on Facebook, the less they have in real life.

    The more dating apps that surface, the more rare it is to find a meaningful romantic relationship.

    And yet, there are people out there (such as myself) that are happily married with children (praise be to God).

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    • Thank you for sharing your your thoughts so part of life if your mind is in the proper perspective are seen most of life and I experienced it I thank the Lord for conditioning me to be in this position everybody puts a lot of emphasis on the human body but it’s just a vest in the recipient of what we think and feel in our minds that’s what the the body enjoys so it doesn’t basically matter what you do with the the physical body it’s all in the mind the old system of belief is over welcome to the dawn of the new Christian age I hope you enjoyed the stuff that I’ve been posting out there rational informative and thought-provoking but anyways my friend I wish you all the best of the best in life you and your family and God bless

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