Who should we care more about the rich person or the starving child


That depends.

If you believe that there is no life beyond this earthly plane, then it is the starving child that we should focus on. But if you believe in a spiritual world beyond this one, then it is the rich who may really need your prayers and support the most.

While the Holy Bible states that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven, it is not the cash in his pockets that is blocking the way.

Spiritually speaking, the “rich” in this case symbolize those who falsely believe (from egoism) that they own everything important to life, but who actually are quite empty (and starving) deep within. Since the kingdom of heaven is within us all, a materially and outwardly rich person can only enter, after the physical death of the body, into an eternal place of similar emptiness—and deserves our concern.

A starving child, on the other hand, has innocence. If one dies in innocence then one becomes an angel and is assured of everlasting happiness. Heaven is primarily a place (inner state) of innocence.

So don’t let your eyes fool you when determining whom you should help

Love is the ultimate science 

Edward Sylvia

the god guy

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