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“The Lord forgives everyone his sins, because He is mercy itself. Nevertheless they are not thereby forgiven unless one performs serious repentance, and desists from evils.”Emanuel Swedenborg, Arcana Coelestia 9014:3——————–Copyright 2017, The New Church/General Church of the New Jerusalem. All rights reserved.Please visit https://www.newchurch.org/activities/daily-inspiration/unsubscribe.html

5 thoughts on “Daily inspiration

  1. Lovely post! We had a service last night and the sermon was about letting go! Past, present, failures, sins, others sins, successes and failures past and present and of course social media. I stay in toucj with my children and see photos my blog os connected to a page otherwise i have no use for it! My daughter had a very rough week because of people on social media i told her just stay off of there! Period! Take a long break. Kids now a days refuse to pick up a phone iyts text or messenger.
    I would love to see more of your post on spiritual after your book and I really enjoyed it. My husband and i are really struggling with pur church. I ask the gentlemen last night that plays music if he could make CD’s a lady their told me oh yes of any service and any music! He made it a point to come up to us at the end of the service and tell us oh but they cost 2.00. My husband feels they,shoudlnt be doing that and when you thi nk about it all over the internet its free! I still dont have internet yet at home and the singles terrible! Just a,thought Kate new horizons! Ha ha blessed day! And guess what on Christmas I’m cooking chicken we did get blessed with a 25.00 gift card to Krogers all organics I wi spend it on have you had the grassfed coffee i lobe my coffee and want to try it if so what do you use thats affordable! I love my coffee and I drink it with cream no sugar as does my husband our one indulgence!


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