How Does One Burn In Hell?

For one thing, there is no physical fire in Hell because it is not a physical realm. So this is a question for physics as much as it is a question for theology.

What does it really mean to “burn” in hell?

First of all, we should consider what damns a person in the first place? Cruelty, hatred, avarice, revenge, adultery, deceit, hypocrisy and impiety can all do us in. These “evils” are all derived from the love of self.

Everything an individual thinks and does is ruled by their intentions – that is what one ultimately seeks and loves. We often describe a person’s excitement as getting all fired-up. Perhaps hell is a realm where an evil person is consumed by the “flames” of his or her own self-love.

Anger is often described as a “smoldering” from within. It usually is ignited by some frustration, whereby something important to us is thwarted or foiled. Those with evil leanings often smolder when others do not do their bidding and promote their personal goals and self-interests. Inwardly, such individuals harbor a burning hatred for others.

Therefore, hell would be a “place” where evil souls go and are eternally frustrated by not being able to dominate over others or hurt others. Does not such a punishment fit the crime? How would justice be better served?

The idea that God would burn people in a culinary fire, and miraculously keep them alive to have their flesh cooked to an eternity is barbaric, and, contradicts the idea that God is Infinite Love and Infinite Wisdom.

Even on earth, we mortals have the sense to create a system of justice whereby the punishment fits the crime. Is God less rational and fair than we are?

Goodness is its own reward and evil is its own punishment.

Heaven and Hell are psychoscapes. That is, not existing in time or space, they are reflections of the qualities of our hearts and minds. The Lord’s heavenly kingdom is a kingdom of mutual love. Those who put themselves first cannot endure such a realm and seek to remove themselves from God’s influence, where they can worship themselves.

Such individuals are eternally thwarted by the self-interests of others, who also constantly seek their own prominence in all things. In such an infernal society, happiness can never be attained. This is what is meant by, “burning in hell.”

Does this make sense to you?

Posted on October 21, 2008by thegodguy


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3 thoughts on “How Does One Burn In Hell?

  1. How Does One Burn In Hell?

    I think the point is missed, it is not so much how but, when and perhaps why?
    Yet, if it is not physical that would not be the issue cause, maybe it is a fire that burns or torments the soul. In the end its an eternity to recall regrets, unhappiness, vengeful , hate, UN-forgiveness and the truth that there is no escape; nor relief, not even being able to see those in heaven which only (to me) would be more torture. Here is a thought, what if Hell is a large place filled lost souls in pitch darkness and no light no where and lets not forget the presence of the enemy who hates God. How will he respond to those who followed Christ then gave up? think he might have his own torture awaiting the lost saints? Ultimately we are guessing. Waste of time to focus on Hell instead how many lost souls in need of saving if you indeed are on our side. Remember being a Christian is an investment of time we should spend wisely. We are also representatives of Christ and people know God and His Son through us. Jesus said in response to His disciples about the Father (GOD) if you seen me you seen the father. We should reflect His nature not man’s nature because we have died to sin and it’s nature which is tied to the devil. I will make a post response to your blog more in depth but, must prepare to have coffee & Bible study with my wayward brother who thinks he can love Christ away from church. We don’t have a long distance relationship with Christ either we are with Him or not, He does not want second place behind anyone or anything.


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