Take That, Stephen Hawking!

2011 MONTAIGNE MEDAL WINNER honored as one of the most thought-provoking books of the year

2011 ERIC HOFFER AWARD FINALIST recognizing salient writing and independent spirit

2011 SILVER NAUTILUS AWARD WINNER awarded to books that stimulate the imagination and offer the world new possibilities for a better life and a better world

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5 thoughts on “Take That, Stephen Hawking!

  1. Well I watched the Stephen Hawking documentary and discussed it with friends and we agreed if there is no god who or what created the big bang. I happen to believe the world is approaching a new era. We are about to become enlightened. Nothing to be afraid of its gonna be fine.. Haven’t read the book though sorry. .

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts
      Hope you take a bit of time and read my other posts, there informative rational and thought provoking
      God bless


  2. Old Lady Hall- Grade School Teacher For a Living Hell.
    She was the worst teacher I ever Had- and I had had a few by the time I was to be put in her homeroom class in the seventh grade in 1966 @ school 20 Indianapolis. I already had gone 21-grade schools in Indianapolis, meet over 1000 fellow student traveling the quality highways of the day. 99 teachers would be my field of information, crossroads of the world when I got to her. My 100th-grade school teacher. Thank Goodness I recognized her for what she was doing to me as her student. Every day while interacting with her she would remind me that I was no #GusGrissom. One of her earlier students That were a pilot or something. From day One I knew where I stood with her. I.E. I meaning me- am not “Gus Grissom.” I guess Maybe I am Me? Her specialty was Engish and taught every 7 & 8th grade it in the whole school. Loved to have me put my nose to a wad of gum on the blackboard, on my toes sometimes, but always in front of the whole class. Never mind about a bully in school. Learn from them. What was the summation of 21-grade schools 100 teachers and 1,000 other students in my own classroom in 10 years sum up to? Education Itself is a form of Fake knowledge. With 40% made up. But the learning fundamentals are now found. Somehow you must take the teaching away from the teacher and put it in the hands of The taught at their own level and speed.

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