How does God squeeze infinite knowledge into a finite book?

The Bible is a ponderous book. But in no way can its 1,000+ pages contain God’s Infinite Wisdom.

Why is this an issue?

Because, everything God does, must be done from an infinite and eternal perspective. Otherwise, divine action would be dissimilar to God’s actual infinite character and nature. Dissimilarity means imperfection.

If God is the ultimate author of Scripture then it must somehow contain infinite knowledge within its numbered pages. This would also give us a more effective way to verify the sanctity, authority, and inerrancy of the Holy Word – beyond our having unshakable faith or some corroborating archeological evidence.

Even if we were to find archeological evidence for every story in Scripture this would only prove that God was accurate with the historical facts.

Accurate time lines do not portray Infinite Wisdom. Furthermore, the accuracy of biblical events, like the creation story and the age of the universe, are called into serious question by scientific discovery. So how are we to take seriously the claim that all things in the created universe were created from the Word? (John, 1:1-3) That would mean the Holy Word contains scientific as well as moral laws!

Does Scripture give any reference to relativity theory, quantum physics, or superstring theory?

And, what are we to think of God being depicted as angry, starting wars between nations, supporting slavery and polygamy?

Theologian Emanuel Swedenborg had an answer to these problems. He discovered that the Holy Word was a multi-dimensional document. This gave Scripture the depth to contain God’s Infinite Wisdom through levels that contained deeper meanings and revelations within its narratives.

Once this scaffolding of the biblical architecture is recognized and grasped, the mysteries of faith become accessible to the human rational mind – especially concerning the dynamics of salvation and the secret behind the Lord’s return. And more. Much more.

Universal patterns will begin to emerge out from our careful reading of the biblical stories, displaying God’s design in scientific matters as well. Because hidden within the sacred narratives are the patterning principles for holistic process in the universe. By elevating our minds above the literal meaning of the words, Scripture addresses quantum discontinuity, top-down causality, and reveals how every detail of its stories is non-locally connected simultaneously, that is, perfectly oriented to God’s eternal goal and Infinite Wisdom.

These are a few of the issues I will be addressing in my next book, Proving God.

Do these ideas seem strange to you? Does this possibility shake up your current world-view?

Well then, my friend, welcome to the Lord’s Second Coming!

Posted on August 22, 2008by thegodguy


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16 thoughts on “How does God squeeze infinite knowledge into a finite book?

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  2. The New Testament was a crucial addition to the three-part series. For there we have Paul, the man who fought for the foreskins of the West. Without him, every man in Western culture would be afflicted with ablated genitalia.

    Judaism and Islam would not listen to him, and now they are addicted to coin collection and prayer rugs, respectively.


  3. Interesting as always but here I think we have to ask the purpose of the Bible – to reveal the sacred secret.
    To know God we have to look at the evidence both within and outside the document. We learn as much from the natural world around us of God’s qualities and desire for humanity to prosper which reinforces the Bibles message.
    Multidimensional document possibly but it requires understanding of the purpose first.

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    • that purpose is with in you
      Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is with in you, he was making a scientific statement,thats how we will know god, God bless


    • Not certain about that because the context of those words in Greek for Luke 17:21 (Just checked my Diaglott) are literally translated “in your midst” or “amongst you”. This indicates the words provide ambiguity therefore we have to delve deeper into the context. A literal kingdom is referred and a real time period. Hence I struggle to agree with you here.


  4. Also you can’t forget the missing books of the Bible that everyone will deny… but lies within a place – a place that once burned and a place where only some are allowed to go… there’s always missing pieces so we will never figure it out… only enough to make us believe – only enough to keep interest but never enough to let us truly see.

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    • Search and you will find
      the truth will set you free
      Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is with in you, a good place to start, and the rest will take care of its self, God bless

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    • Where we have faith in the revealer of secrets and the author of the book we have to ask would God let his word be damaged or corrupted? Is the Bible complete in the guidance we need for living today? If not can it truly be the word of God who exists forever and is greater than any human ruler?


    • Yes but we are given free will to do as we please – why else could there be corruption and murder and rape? That is where our faith is being tested. God lets us do whatever we want – including books and teachings about him because he is within us, we don’t need books or teachings only the ability to listen – not with our ears but our hearts and souls.

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    • And yet that isn’t what Jesus said in Matthew 4: 4 – we live because of God’s word. Free will is the choice to follow the godly path or reject it. We also have to acknowledge most of those in the Bible didn’t have the book we have today so how did they follow and it is by listening with everything they had. Nice point

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