Science Can’t Escape The Infinite

There are two main pillars of modern physics – Einstein’s general relativity and quantum theory. Each theory behaves as though it has nothing to do with the other, yet it is obvious to even the average man or woman on the street that the world is unified. Not only have these two great theories eluded scientists’ attempt to unify them, they lead to other things physicists detest – infinities.

General relativity leads us to singularities occurring both inside black holes and at the “Big Bang” beginning of the universe. In each case the force of gravity and matter swirls together into a space with an ever-decreasing radius, rapidly taking on infinite strength and density, until there is no longer any spacetime left – and nothing to mathematically describe.

Quantum theory also has problems with infinities when it is applied towards fields (like electric and magnetic fields). A field has values at every point in space and there are an infinite number of zero-dimensional points that can occupy any finite-sized space. This causes equations to quickly spin out of a physicist’s control when trying to make predictions.

So in both quantum and relativity theory physicists find themselves backed into a wall of infinities. They believe that infinities showing up in their equations point to a mistake and must be eliminated.

Theology embraces the infinite, but not in a scientific way. Religion tells us that the finite world was created from an Infinite God. However, once we move beyond religious faith, God’s Infinite Being leaves us with the big problem of finding a rational, causal nexus between the Infinite and the finite.

Scientist/theologian, Emanuel Swedenborg believed that rather than trying to eliminate infinities from our calculations, the Infinite must play an essential part and be factored into our formulations of reality. I will address his approach to the infinite and a deeper theory in my next book, Proving God. But for the purpose of this short post it is important to simply grasp that nothing can exist alone.

Finite things can only be created from things greater (and less finite) than themselves. Something has to be finited (limited) and given constraints in order to appear in time and space. More importantly, new things exist as prior things begin to coexist (the emergence of complexity). Existence is relationship, and over time, nature becomes more complex to more perfectly reflect God’s nature, which is Infinite Love.

Nature’s processes follow a spiritual principle, which is why the fertility of the universe is displayed not simply in the quantity of created things but in the orchestrated utility between all things (this is what unifies different things into an interrelated and interdependent complex).

God, from the principle of Divine Love, can only create forms of utility (which are physical analogs of love) and therefore, all finite entities must emerge to serve a particular use for a grand and eternal purpose. Every finite entity is connected from prolepsis whereby the “present” is oriented to the future (this dynamic also holds the key to the mystery of the “Arrow of Time”).

Concerning the causal link between the Infinite and the finite, both realities are self-similar and correspond to each other (God cannot create through dissimilarity which would represent imperfection). Secondly, God creates the ratio between the finite and Infinite – not from the finite but from the infinite. God is equally present in all creation but not equally received and conjoined.

In other words, the infinite forms a relationship with a rock from a different ratio than it does a human brain. The Infinite is more perfectly self-represented in the higher order structures of human brain and mind than in a rock. So religion is a divine strategy by which the human heart and mind can be more perfectly conjoined to, and reflect, the higher values of the Creator.

Both theories (relativity and quantum) are inadequate as they are now stand and need to be reformulated. The purpose of my writing enterprise is to show that this reformulation will be founded on the premise that (Infinite) Love is the ultimate science.

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5 thoughts on “Science Can’t Escape The Infinite

  1. Some unfounded claims in this – like, finite things must be created from less finite things – how? why?

    There are different types of infinity too, some infinities are bigger than others, believe it or not.

    All of the modern science talked about in this post was painfully and slowly developed directly in the face of religion and the power it held for so long, developed in a time when religion would dismiss science as nonsense at best, or kill scientists at worst. I don’t like the way that modern theologians use modern science in their theories as if they were God/religion’s ideas all along. It’s kind of insulting to all the great scientists.

    There’s nothing about relativity or quantum theory in the Bible, why not? Isn’t it supposed to be the word of the maker of the universe?

    Science and everything it has accomplished has been in spite of religion, and not because of religion.

    Peace out. 🙂


  2. Thanks for your article. I thought you might be amused by: Have fun with it. 🙂 Steve

    On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 8:34 AM, Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann) wrote:

    > havau22 posted: ” There are two main pillars of modern physics – > Einstein’s general relativity and quantum theory. Each theory behaves as > though it has nothing to do with the other, yet it is obvious to even the > average man or woman on the street that the world is uni” >

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