Hello, serious thinkers!

God & Science

Both religion and science make truth claims about ultimate reality. For that reason there is growing interest among scientists, theologians, and laypeople to ask if science and religion can both answer the same questions about reality and have real points of interaction. I like to think of myself as part of this exciting and stimulating movement. I personally am coming to the last stages of completing the manuscript for my new book that hopefully will offer fresh ideas to this important discussion.

There are of course, landmines everywhere. For instance, in order to unify science and God one has to offer at least some rational evidence (if not empirical evidence) that God indeed exists. Next problem: what theological interpretation of religion and what scientific interpretation of quantum physics do you choose to unite? From my humble point of view, any successful encounter between the two would require that theology offer new insights to solving the perplexing issues of the New Physics, and that these solutions of science lead to a more rational approach to the deepest mysteries of faith. Since this has not happened I fully expect that an upheaval in both science and theology will be required. My book deals with this shake-up.

In the hopes of starting a dialog with open-minded and serious thinkers I would like to share with you reasons for my confidence that such a thing is possible. (Agnostics and atheists are more than welcome to participate.)

Before anyone pooh-poohs the existence of God, it is important to understand exactly where science is hitting a brick wall – its fundamental understanding of reality. Even science based on a strict materialistic philosophy is finding that nature, on her most fundamental level, is radically “weird” and resists a reductionist approach. In the invisible world of the quantum vacuum nothing physical or solid exists, there are only “tendencies to exist.” If God exists it will be in a non-local and non-temporal realm – exactly where science does not have a firm grasp on what is going on.

On the other side of the physics coin, relativity theory and the Big Bang Singularity presents us with another weird problem. Since the universe is expanding scientists assumed that if you turn time backwards the universe will shrink into an ever- decreasing radius and disappear into the void as a zero-dimensional point (essential singularity) where time and space no longer exist. Where there is no spacetime there are no physical laws either. So, if the laws of physics break down in a singularity than physics cannot explain the beginning of the universe.

Both quantum physics and the Big Bang point to a non-physical beginning (even though they do so in different ways). Therefore, the laws of physics must have their origin in an invisible, non-temporal and non-spatial realm. What non-material principles and agency made up the special initial conditions of the universe where time equaled zero (t = 0)?

It is the premise of my forthcoming book that the laws and forces of nature are actually spiritual laws and forces extended into the constraints of time and space. In other words, the various qualities of God’s Divine Love and Wisdom create all the ratios, proportions, and analogies we find in the extensiveness of the physical world.

Most physicists agree that Nature is unified. The essence of love is to unite and the essence of truth is to differentiate. Nature is the perfection of unity through difference. This is why Nature is a mirror image of God’s nature. What do you think

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One thought on “Hello, serious thinkers!

  1. Wow! I’m very much looking forward to reading this book. You have taken on a monumental task. I can’t really agree or disagree at this point… but I do have reservations…

    There are so many religions… many monotheist (or mostly), the rest polytheistic… So first and foremost reservation is in using the general statement ‘science and religion’… it is tempting to generalize, but really, what you are discussing is ‘Science and Judeo-Christian’. Unless you’re not, at which point, I take back what I just said…

    The other reservation is in regards to the tendency to ‘look to the bible’ for comparisons. Again, this is tied to the ‘general concept of religion/God’… and this one is multi-layered:

    – First we have to all agree on what God is…
    – Then we have to provide a definition that fits with ALL religious ideology
    – The bible/Torah/Koran is/are a collection of stories, told orally, then written down anywhere from 50 to 200 years or more ‘after’ the words or stories were told… (well except for the Koran… but well, you get the idea… he was ‘retelling’ them…)

    Okay… I will stop there. lol. The rest would require me to look up some things… lol.

    Really though, I think this is a valid, and necessary discussion. One of the problems that has plagued the sciences for the last 100 years was the cutting away of philosophy from science. (All the scientists prior to Einstein were also philosophers…) Now though… the only philosophy (the wrong, dangerous kind) can be found in the Social Sciences. But I’ll stop there… (Read the book ‘the physicist and the philosopher’ Canales.)

    Looking forward to reading your book! 🙂

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