Our spiritual remains and the sensing of the flow of time

The_Persistence_of_MemoryScientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg introduced a very strange concept into human psychology and spiritual themes. He stated that the Lord God implanted within each of us a place for spiritual truths and affections to flow into our lives. He called this plane the remains.

These noble influences are implanted from Above during the time of our childhood innocence. Only when in a state of innocence can one receive these heavenly gifts.

But as a child loses his or her innocence and learns pretense from others in the world, this innocent plane of consciousness gets shut off and covered over. It gets covered over by the mask that pretense and falsity creates—automatically forming our habitual thoughts and worldly intentions.

We now believe—from repetition becoming second nature—that this “mask” is who we really are.

But the mask represents a more limited expression of who we really are, and as such, we become equally limited in our perceptions of reality, including the flow of time. So time speeds up from our subjective viewpoint!

The speeding up of our sense of the flow of time is actual evidence that we have forsaken our God-given and cosmic duty.

This is one of the most important spiritual topics I have ever come across and it would take a book to really explain adequately. Hmmm…

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