How do you live spiritually?

If we were to cultivate the habit of positive thinking, I feel it could transform our world.

To me, finding a reconciliation for all our past suffering and pain, anger and rage means that we would not be risking the chance of spoiling the future by staying locked in the past.

I believe there are no rigid route maps in life for us to follow. Are we not all on unique journeys? And so is it not best to have faith in your chosen direction and do the best that you possibly can?

There is a lot to be said for neither wasting your time nor depleting your energy over things you cannot possibly change. Instead, why not switch your focus to the things you can affect, the things that can make a difference to your life, and others?

If you think your health is the most important thing you will want to nurture and cherish it. It’s the agent /medium that you have to get through this beautiful life.

I feel it is good to always give some of our income, as much as we can, to a favourite charity. People need hope and support in their lives and arguably one’s gift would be a definite contribution to this goal.

I would suggest that one should never undervalue the power of a kind word or deed which has the potential to reap the richest of rewards.

Who would disagree that without love we have nothing? And that love is the only thing that makes our lives meaningful and valuable and if love is not present in our life then we must seek it out.

I tell myself to be kind to everyone – this is a spiritual practice that must be carried out with determination and resolve.

Adversity visits everyone and I think it is our duty is to analyze it, understand it and learn from it. Then we can let go and move forward in a new life.

I enjoy good humour because there is nothing so nourishing for the mind and body as laughter.

We do not have to be constantly seeking to be right for is there not a deep humility to be sought in letting go of this pride?

Many find time for rest and relaxation. They realise it’s important to strive for the things they believe in but this can only really be sustained in the long run if they take time out to recharge their batteries.

The unexpected, the unpredictable always surfaces in our lives so perhaps we need to get used to this reality. However, with an open heart and reflective mind we can still move forward positively and this will always bring comfort.

Why not slow down your life for a better life?

I would suggest life can be reinvigorated by always being open to making new friends.

Rather than criticising others I believe it is best to try to understand their point of view, even if it clashes with yours. This way you will save energy to undertake better things.

Bringing reconciliation and resolution to any broken relationships helps to stop the past festering within us.

Never taking anything for granted make sense to me because I believe everything is a gift, even our pain which tells us we are alive.

Is all the behaviour we find objectionable in others, at the deepest level, not really a plea to be understood?

I believe that purifying the mind, in an ongoing act of forgiveness and compassion is an act of worship.

Copyright 2011 Michael Lewin

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