You can’t fool your cerebellum

cerebellumModern science does not know very much about the cerebellum. As a result, most of today’s brain research involves the cerebrum and its neural connections.

Only Emanuel Swedenborg and George Gurdjieff offered profound insights into the mysterious workings of this unique brain organ.

According to Swedenborg, the cerebrum (our voluntary) is oriented to the outer terrestrial world of the senses, but the cerebellum (involuntary) is focused on all the inner states of the cerebrum—its intentions, passions and affections. In other words, the cerebellum is wired to watch over our inner (psycho-spiritual) world.

Why? Because it is responsible for maintaining equilibrium and stability between our organic processes and our passions—otherwise, our individuality would become completely torn apart.

Also, the influences picked up by the cerebellum go into forming sperm in males and ovum in females. So as Gurdjieff once told a follower, John Bennett, the cerebellum also gets rid of any superfluous ideas that are not kindred with, or corresponding to, a person’s true passions. This is an important stage (called the “harnel-aoot” by Gurdjieff) in which we must become vigilant over our wishes—before they can automatically enter (unchallenged) our reproductive and generative processes.

This also means that a male’s sperm and female’s ovum becomes inwardly changed during genuine spiritual transformation. All process (good or bad) produces a corresponding bio-affect (leading to something taking actual form).

In heaven, these bio-affects determine which males and females will make the best eternal partners. (Sorry, but political correctness does not trump these universal laws!)

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Spiritual Fashion Trends

heart-sleeveAre there fashion shows in the Spiritual World?


But the latest clothing and fashions at such heavenly shows represent the most desirable and sought-after inner qualities of one’s heart and mind.

In other words, all clothes in the other world reflect the beliefs that one adorns their lives with. So spiritual fashion trends (truth trends) would put on display the newest and best-fitting heavenly lessons—tailored exactly to our needs. (These lessons and teachings of God’s Spiritual Truths are those that will best complement the evolution of one’s inner life.)

And, as one becomes more and more receptive to God’s teachings, the more beautiful one’s spiritual wardrobe and fashions in the next world will get.

In the spiritual world, we not only will wear our hearts on our sleeves, we will also wear our hearts (and deepest beliefs) in every stitch and in everything we dress up in. The fabric will always represent the fabric of our very being!

So fashion statements are much more profound and deeply personal in the spiritual realm than they are here on earth.

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Serving others

feed-hungry-childTheologian Emanuel Swedenborg said that the way we serve others is the way we ultimately serve the Lord God. Service determines where one’s heart really is and where our actions stem from.

Therefore, we must sincerely evaluate our way of giving and sharing. Is it temporary or is it eternal? You see, giving food, clothing, money or any other support may not reach the Lord God in heaven. God only cares about lasting, eternal help.

What is temporary help, and what is eternal help?

Temporary help is merely physical help that never lasts, but eternal help represents the raising up of another person’s inner values and promotion of his or her spiritual future. (The latter principle does not preclude the former.)

Our acts of kindness and concern for others must come with an eternal lesson.

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When “Love,” “Faith” and “Hope” no longer works!

praying-handsOnly Emanuel Swedenborg and George Gurdjieff have focused on the human consequences of having two distinct kinds of minds—an inner and an outer mind. This dual nature in humans has rendered the spiritual impulses of “Love,” “Faith” and “Hope” ineffectual in modern times, and particularly useless from a traditional religious point of view in individuals who do not take this split into account.

Both Swedenborg and Gurdjieff claimed that the dual nature of human consciousness forms in childhood. This actual splitting of minds naturally occurs when children learn pretense from adults and the world around them. This causes a new personality (outer mask) of insincerity and deceit to develop and cover over their original (and more innocent) birth-consciousness, where it then becomes the new master and automatically takes over their dealings and interactions with the outer world.

Unfortunately, the noble concepts of “Love,” “Faith” and “Hope” have also been thrown into this outer, artificial mind/mask of pretention (and serve as vices). Now everyone can also manipulate these original sacred impulses merely to fool others into thinking positive things about them.

According to Swedenborg, the Lord God made wise use of this split mind by secretly implanting genuine spiritual feelings and knowledge (called remains) into just that mind which had been covered over and replaced—where they will be kept safe. God only works in human lives through this deeper, inner plane of the mind and this is the only place where genuine spiritual growth occurs, that is, the creation of a new will and heart. (Gurdjieff called this covered-over mind the subconscious, which holds and protects spiritual conscience from becoming atrophied by the vanities and allurements of the material world and human egoism.)

“Love,” “Faith” and “Hope” have not escaped this outcome and have become mixed with the human egoism (proprium).

When humans sincerely begin to notice their inconsistencies of behavior and resist temptations, the inner mind—with its God-given remains and conscience—begins to re-surface in our daily affairs. This is the “Dry Land” and the inner ground represented by “Day Three” of the Seven-Day Creation Story in Genesis that develops further, and brings forth, a heavenly garden in our lives!

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You cannot change your mind in the spiritual world

choosingSome people believe that if they were to die and find themselves in a spiritual kingdom they would instantly change their minds concerning God.

But if you had nurtured a predisposition to not have such a notion in the very depths of your heart, nothing will ever make you change your thoughts. This is because the heart rules one’s thinking.

Scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg observed that every person whose spirit entered the spiritual world would receive, from angels, profound lessons about God’s heaven and be allowed to view all the facts. Still, many individuals continue to reject what they are told (and even see there) because their hearts are opposed to such things—preferring that their self-centeredness remain the focus of all things. (See Apocalypse Explained 242c [7].)

People only see what they are willing to believe.

So many make an exit to a lower realm that best expresses the self-promoting aspects of their hearts. Therefore, none of their ideas are really changed when they leave the earth!

If you hold off genuine goodness and mutual love until you are told to, you are not really seeking those qualities in yourself.

Now is the time to look into and change your heart!

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