One more influence helping in our rebirth is conscience. Because of its obvious outward differences in different people, conscience is not considered to be reliable in some quarters. Conscience is formed outwardly by what we’ve been taught is good and true. Because of this, it varies according to a person’s upbringing and culture. But its outer form is like a body which expresses a living spirit. The inner spirit of conscience is made alive and given light by the Divine. It is that spirit which gives us a sense of right and wrong by an inner voice, and we experience qualms of conscience when we do something against this inner voice.

Living according to conscience greatly helps our rebirth, and as we develop, the outer form of conscience becomes more and more refined. It is by devotedly learning what is actually good and true from the Word of God, and living by it, that a true form of conscience is developed.

At this point it is good to summarize the things which help in our rebirth. First, there is the Divine Activity which constantly influences our inner being, working quietly and encouraging our free response. Of course, this is the most powerful influence of all. Second, there is the goodness from the Lord (not from heredity) in our inner sell. Third, there are “lasting memories,” which are good emotional experiences carefully preserved. And fourth, there is conscience, which must be formed outwardly by knowing what is actually good and true from the Word if it is going to be the type of conscience which is most helpful to our rebirth.

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